Refresh Your Yoga Practice With Shiva Rea

Are you looking for a way to refresh your yoga practice? Would you like to rediscover the sense of lightness and joy that you found when you were first practicing yoga? If so, find a Shiva Rea workshop or video as soon as possible.

I’ve practiced yoga for 11 years, studied several styles and enjoyed renewal in my practice from a variety of sources. Recently I was looking for a little inspiration and purchased a DVD of Shiva Rea’s live free flow vinyasa workshop from the Yoga Journal San Francisco Conference. I’ve felt so much positive change in my practice and teaching from this DVD, that I can’t imagine how inspiring it would be to experience a workshop or retreat with her in person.

Shiva Rea’s teaching style is very free-flowing, light-hearted and casual, appropriate to the style of yoga she encourages students to practice. This DVD enriched my understanding of the Vinyasa style, helping me to find fluidity and ease in the practice that I have not found before.

The class starts with a simple moving meditation, moving the arms with the breath and progresses into a flowing alternating lunge sequence with a rhythmic arm motion. From there, Shiva encourages the class to freestyle from that basic movement, coming off the mat, moving and flowing spontaneously. Even this simple warm up opened my mind a little, enjoying this opportunity to move freely and intuitively.

The class then moves into more challenging flows, which Rea calls Mandala Namaskar or circular salutations. As the name implies, these sequences move the body in a circle, continuously changing perspective. They are a bit confusing at first, but give the great sensation of doing something new, experiencing your body and movement in a new way. Rea then introduces new motions into the sequence, some you may not have experienced before, and new core strengthening moves, providing new alternatives to Boat Pose. They say that new poses and movements actually open up new pathways in the brain. All I know is that it gives me a little rush of joy.

What I enjoyed most about the class and Rea’s yoga style was the fluidity of motions and transitions between poses that she inspires. She helped me to experience the true feeling of flow in the Vinyasa style. With the addition of a flowing preparation motion, Eagle Pose, which can feel stiff and stress-inducing, is made fun and easy. In Locust Pose the class is invited to swim and dance the limbs, releasing the energy of the effort so that it does not become blocked and build up into a sense of strain. In one sequence she introduces a bind in Warrior II and transitions to Bound Triangle, again making a somewhat challenging pose accessible, even enjoyable.

If you enjoy the Vinyasa style or are curious about it, I think you will enjoy Shiva Rea’s Free Flow Vinyasa, Live at the San Francisco Conference. If you are looking for some new ideas to lighten up and invigorate your practice, this DVD may be just what you need

Shiva Rea Yoga Increases Flow of Energy

Shiva Rea Yoga is actually a very powerful workout method of yoga exercise. It is designed to increase the energy flow of the people practicing it through a series of spiritual paths, mainly because yoga is very much related to Eastern religion or philosophy like Buddhism and Hinduism.

This is also the kind of yoga exercise that many find complicated because of the difficulty of the terms and the moves. This is not something people need to worry about since, today, there are sets of DVDs that can easily explain or demonstrate what the people want to know with regards to Shiva Rea Yoga.

The main purpose of this exercise is to restore the individual’s balance and strength, and also increase the energy. This means that it will most likely take some time. The DVDs that those who are interested can easily access can be played for twenty minutes. This amount of time can be easily squeezed into a schedule without having to repeat any part of the workout.

This particular yoga workout has quite a lot of benefits. First of all, just like any other exercise technique of yoga, it is highly beneficial for the person’s health. In fact, it has huge benefits on the person’s health even if it is only seldom practiced by the individual. But, still, if there is a lot of spare time at hand, then they should opt to do Shiva Rea Yoga everyday. Doing so can have more advantages for the practitioner, as compared to doing it only weekly.

With Shiva Rea Yoga, the individuals get to develop their balance, composure and tranquility. In fact, experts in health and wellness recommend this particular yoga exercise for the most stressful days. For relaxation, Shiva Rea Yoga is done best with lunar meditation programs, since, together, they are much more able to build the person’s stamina and also sculpt the muscles, making them leaner and longer.

This yoga technique is quite popular nowadays, especially for those who have access to online resources such as the DVDs. In fact, the DVDs have been regarded as a yoga-related phenomenon, as it can be accessed by yoga practitioners of all levels, namely, beginners, intermediate, and the advanced users. This only proves that Shiva Rea Yoga not only benefits the advanced users, but can actually benefit wellness enthusiasts of all ages and genders.

For those who are seeking for the best yoga exercise guide they can possibly have, this Shiva Rea Yoga Daily Energy: Vinyasa Flow Energy is an absolute must-have.

Mother Of All Problems

Success in life depends on several aspects like education, friendship, intelligence, sincerity, etc. However, the lack of initiative spoils the life, even though a person possesses good education and other attributes. A famous business firm was wound up due to the indolence and apathy of the stake holders. Laziness is actually a disorder borne out of selfish attitude. One that gets rid of this is said to be wise and awaken. A person should work hard throughout life excepting in situations like sickness, fatigue, etc. Even the animals and birds remain busy, but the six-sensed man prefers to be lazy and casual. Observe the Ants, Bees and Squirrels for understanding the activeness. ‘How the laziness affects our life’ is described here below.

Health: Constant work keeps a person healthy and happy. If the heart stops functioning due to laziness or fatigue, our life comes to an end. Failure to maintain our body leads to the decay and damages to the visceral parts. An erratic intake of medicines complicates the health. Non-adherence to regular physical exercise revives the sickness. Excessive sleep from laziness upsets the plans of self and others. Languor to undergo the periodical medical check-up has a disastrous impact. Alcohol abuse is found to induce laziness.

Wealth: Lack of alertness produces pilferage and embezzlement. Inaction to maintain the estates makes the unscrupulous people squander the assets. Waywardness and sloth bring liabilities and disrepute to the legacy. Great Kingdoms saw the downfall owing to the irresponsible and dull heirs indulging in fun and frolic. Abundance also instills the habit of casualness and tendency to remain idle.

Development: Though endowed with all resources and support, a society or country remains backward or underdeveloped primarily.due to the inertia of the people. On the contrary, some societies display extraordinary resilience and courage to grow faster in spite of the frequent natural hurdles like volcanoes, dry weather, etc. experienced in their regions. The inaction and sluggish attitude of the rulers have led to the poor living standards of people residing in a country. What else can be attributed to the pathetic conditions like Malnutrition, Poverty, etc..! Laziness prevented an athlete from attending regular coaching and thus, lost the prospects of winning championship and fame. Students who did not practise adequately failed in the exams.

Spirituality. With persistence and sincerity only, great saints and scholars achieved the self-realization and the divine powers. Yoga and meditation produce harmful effects if they are not practised regularly.

If everyone was lazy, we wouldn’t have had the great towers, forts, bridges, automobiles, Internet, etc. Pope Paul VI said, “All life demands struggle. Those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life. The very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major building block in the person we are today.”

Gambia Property the Next Big Thing

The Gambia Africa is set to be a great place to invest in real estate and has been staring investors in the face for some years.The Gambian government is totally committed to business development and free enterprise. It has a reputation as a tranquil, secure destination with property conveyanceing and laws based on the British system., low inflation, fiscal stability and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It seems that Gambia is ripe for investors he Gambia

The Gambia was for many years a British colony and is one of the smallest and safest countries in Africa. Gambia has been a holiday hotspot for Europeans one of the reasons for this is the fact that Gambia is on average only 6 hours away and has the addded benfit of no jet lag.

Tourism is now one of the dynamic sectors of the economy, contributing 16% of the country’s GDP with a 19.2% jump in visitor figures from the previous year.

Construction is already underway and TAF Holdings one of the best known develoers in Gambia are buiding along the coast and in villages nearby. Investors searching for overseas property investments should consider off plan devbelopments in Gambia . This form of investment combined with emerging market prices could make Gambian property very profitabale. There are also a number of inhabitable existing properties that can be had for a very small investment. Construction on a few developments along the coast are almost finished with international investors snapping them up. If you are looking for a good international investment, it’s hard to go wrong in Gambia.

Real estate investors know that good communications are te key to success for any region. After all those who may want to rent or buy your property need to ba able to get there easily. UK overseas property buyers are only a six-hour flight from the UK with no jet-lag,

The Gambia coast offers miles of superb golden beaches and the vibrancy of Bakau, Serrekunda and the capital, Banjul, is as colourfully African as you might imagine.

Language barriers have nver been a problem in Gambia its a fact that the average Gambian can speak up 3 languages some see this as as sign of ethinic harmony.

Construction aimed at investors is underway at the ocean-side village of Brufut in Gambia this investment real estate comes in the form of a modern housing development.

So the secrets out about Gambia an investment property market with huge potential. Investors know where their is demand their is price rises so the time to get in on the action is now .

Real Estate Portal Development

With so numerous ups and downs occurrence in all the parts due to international financial slowdown, investments in Indian genuine land parcel is the hottest theme for discussion. This stage of slowdown is furthermore seeing mass expansion in genuine land parcel sector. Everyone is affected by one of the facets of trading, buying or leasing property. Apparently, alterations in demeanor of buyers and economic companies can be glimpsed with the altering tendencies in unprecedented times.

Real land parcel portals in India insert a absolutely new way of dispatching over house associated data and transactions. The evolved genuine land parcel markets overseas are used to the notion of online portals but it is comparatively new for Indian sellers and buyers. Even as the attractiveness of these portals in India is growing, it is anticipated to burgeon in the approaching years. Number of listings and alterations of both residential and financial house is multiplying every day. Moreover, the response of both purchasers and sellers of genuine land parcel in India has been favorable.

Each one of us is broadly chatting included in real estate connected subjects of speculating, leasing or selling. Since it is arduous to take these determinations and there is some allotment of risk included, we mostly are reliant on real estate brokers and the widespread remark of mouth. These tendencies are now looking at a makeover with the ever growing internet penetration and the everlasting advancing internet users. With customer foundation exceeding 50 million, online real estate portals are set to revolutionize the actual property area sector.

Finding it tough to get a tenant for your purchase to let property? Are there no takers for you purchase to let property? They might have lost their occupations or are getting paid smaller than before due to the mail recession. The best way to get promise tenant’s vigilance is to smaller down the lease rates and have your house publicity brandished online. Make the lease rate inexpensive to the tenant.